October 14, 2015 — It’s time to vote for VIA

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It’s time to vote for VIA

ST. MARYS, ONTARIO – If VIA Rail service is important to you, then you have to vote for it. That’s the message from the Save VIA citizens’ committee, which is notching up its campaign to have voters consider the future of VIA when they cast their ballots on October 19th.

To assist voters in making their decision, Save VIA today added a new section to its website: “Vote for VIA.” This is a forum for all of the candidates to tell voters – either in writing or by video – just where they and their political parties stand on the question of maintaining and improving VIA service here in St. Marys and across Canada. Each candidate has been asked to respond to a simple question:

“If elected, what will you and your party do to revitalize VIA as a sustainable, nation-wide public transportation service?”

The new “Vote for VIA” section of the Save VIA website, which contains the answers received from the candidates and a synopsis of their parties’ positions, may be accessed at:


“VIA is a creature of politics and its future will be determined by the next government,” says Save VIA’s Chris West. “Quite frankly, VIA has been allowed to fade so badly by previous governments that it’s now in urgent need of new thinking and new funding. It is vital that our next federal representative know just how serious the situation is and that they’ll have to take appropriate action in Ottawa, no matter what their party affiliation may be.”

Following the election, Save VIA will be reminding the next representative for Perth-Wellington of the commitment they made to help improve and maintain our rail passenger service. As it has been since the beginning of the Save VIA campaign, the objective is to see VIA modernized and expanded to deliver the type of service the residents of Southwestern Ontario want, need and will support.

Says West, “We’ve heard some very encouraging and supportive statements from the candidates here in Perth-Wellington during this election campaign. However, the true test will come after the votes are counted on the evening of October 19th. Whatever the outcome, we look forward to working with our next Member of Parliament to make sure our collective voice is heard and heeded in Ottawa.”

From more information, please contact:

Chris West,
Save VIA
Box 1197 449 Queen St. W
St. Marys, ON N4X 1B7 [email protected] www.savevia.ca
Tel: 519 284 3310 :Fax: 519 284 3160 Sans frais/toll free 1-866-8632 ext 238


BOX 1197 449 QUEEN STREET WEST ST. MARYS, ONTARIO N4X 1B7 TELEPHONE (519) 284-3310 FACSIMILE (519) 284-3160

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